“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”—Beth Comstock

Freelance Digital Marketing & Education Copywriter


Mohammed Nadir

Your favorite copywriter


Hey, it’s Mohammed. A certified digital/inbound/email/content marketer and freelance copywriter with an unreasonable passion for writing.

I found the fascinating world of copywriting through my passion for writing fiction. It was months after I started writing my first novel that I came across the world of copy, and it was then that I was introduced to the unparalleled advertising power of the written word.

I have a deep passion for storytelling, a deep passion for writing, and a deep passion for marketing. Jiggle these passions together and you’ll have me. The excellent copywriter for your brand. (Alright, I need to stop over-pitching myself).

I specialize in writing copy that persuades your target customers to take the actions you desire. Effective copy that gets results, sales, and increases clicks. 

I also help SaaS and marketing companies in creating quality content that generates traffic and leads, and, ranks well in search engines.

Excellent Copy

Just as the name of my website clearly states, you know I’m all about doing excellent quality work.

I’ll use my knowledge and my deep understanding of marketing and the psychology of persuasion to create engaging content and excellent copy to help spread your message, excel your business, and give your readers something they’ll crave.   

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