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Get more leads. Convert more leads into customers. And sell more to existing customers with nothing but the power of the written word.

Expand your business

Average copy sells, and good copy sells more. But excellent copy sells way more.

Save your time

You have a lot of responsibilities. Let me help get some of those off your shoulders.

Invest money wise

Content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

How persuasive words can incredibly grow your business

I’m supposed to try and convince you here about the importance of copy and content for your business. But I think you already know that. You’re probably here because you want results, like increasing your company’s online visibility to drive more traffic to it. And you want to know if I can help you get those results.

I’ve created this website about a year ago. The design was good. But the copy? It wasn’t excellent by any means. And that’s because I wasn’t good enough since I was just starting out with blogging and copywriting after transitioning from fiction writing. 

That is why I stopped directly pitching my services last year. I turned my focus into one thing: Mastering this craft and everything that comes with it. Such as learning SEO, email marketing, storytelling, etc. 

I spent my time writing, editing, marketing, and learning the tools of the trade. I ended up with three marketing certifications from HubSpot and one from Google. I wrote in Medium and got accepted into the top publications in the popular platform, like Better Marketing and The Startup. In August of 2021, Medium awarded me a bonus for being among their top 1,500 writers. That’s among 100,000+ active writers!

Medium bonus email for a top freelance writer

I’ve managed to rank articles high on Google, attracting thousands of readers. I also built an email list with an average open rate of +38%.

The key thing I learned about building an audience and converting readers into email subscribers is building trust. People buy from those they trust. When you provide helpful content regularly, you’d usually gain your audience’s trust. Down the line, this trust translates into higher conversion rates and more sales.

As I got better, companies like NewsBreak started reaching out and asking me to write for them.

This is due to my research-backed, audience-driven attitude to creating helpful evergreen content that keeps bringing traffic month after month. But just like with my experience, it takes time to see great results from blogging. The more you delay focusing on your content strategy, the more you delay seeing such results.

I want to help you get those results as fast as possible. Head over to my services to see how exactly I can help you.

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