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Copywriting and the success of your business

Copywriting has been around for centuries. But through the last decades, and with the wild shift to online, copywriting and content marketing became a vital part of any business.

Today, according to Statista, content marketing is applied in more than 90% of businesses worldwide. Businesses are required now more than ever to deliver unique content and inspiring messages to promote their business—to not only survive—but to thrive above the noise.

That’s why content is King nowadays… and that’s why producing unique content and excellent copy for your business is one of the main things that determine your brand’s success—above the fierce competition—and the madness of the online world.

In the same defying fashion—and with the horrific decrease of our attention span to just 8-seconds!—content & copywriting pose more challenges for writers now more than at any time in the past.

Copy and content writers nowadays must be aware of many things, including:

  • SEO best practices.
  • Avoiding spammy words & formats.
  • Headline creation.
  • Awareness of user experience.
  • Conversion optimization.

That’s why I’m working extra hard on my craft—not only in the process and the psychology of writing excellent copy—but also in fully understanding the complex world of digital marketing.

That’s what you can expect when working with me—excellence.

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